Thursday, 6 February 2014

I think you'd agree that we all love food... 

However, Most people think of the Caribbean and they think paradise. Mention the food and they think ‘jerk chicken’ or rice and peas. The truth about Caribbean cuisine is that it is as diverse as Europe. My family originate from Dominica where the culture is English French creole.

My parents always talk of growing up on sea food. The national dish is Mountain Chicken’ (frog). Fish is a large part of the diet as is crab, octopus, squid an all manner of sea food and vegetables.

My dad is the cook in the household. My mum protests every time she has to cook. Nonetheless, her coleslaw is to die for.

My dad cooks up a storm, broth with smoked ribs, cabbage, green bananas, dasheen, Tania, yam and so much more… He also cooks Callao (spinach with dumplings, breadfruit).


  1. When it comes to food, I think people associate the Caribbean with colourful, finger- licking good food. I would sum up Caribbean cuisine as a fusion of many other cuisines, to name a few; African, European, East Indian, Arab and Chinese cuisine. This is because of the many waves of settlers the island has had. However in stating this I think Caribbean people have altered and created styles/seasonings that are unique to the Caribbean culture. I think this is what ultimately make Caribbean food to the foreigner seem flavoursome and exotic.

  2. Thank you for your comment Sahebeh, It is nice to see that you know a lot about Caribbean cuisine and can appreciate it.