Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Having the opportunity to study the module Literature of food at university has encouraged me to pay closer attention to the different types of food I eat, its origin, ingredients, spices, nutritional value of  the foods, flavours and more. 
I have always been a lover of food and enjoy tasting the variety but acknowledging exactly how it made me feel was never something I would pay close attention to, until now. Considering I have specifically concentrated on the foods of Dominica I have gained a better understanding and knowledge of the cultural origin of the variety of dishes. 
I was always aware that Dominican cuisine is influenced by the French culture, indigenous Caribs and the African culture. However, after carrying out more research I found out that Caribbean cuisine is further influenced by Spain, East India, Chinese, Lebanese and Syrian.
I was not able to include the abundance of fruits I enjoyed growing up as a child in Dominica. To name a few, Guava, Papaya, Kenips (my favorite fruit of them all), Mango's, Passion fruit, Pomme cette (Golden apple), star fruit and many many more. I would pick these fruits off of the trees and would eat as many as my stomach desired.
Food holds a significant importance in my culture and it triggers memories; for me specifically, childhood memories as I would remember what I disliked eating the most as my mum would try to encourage me to eat because I didn't like food. Studying the module has made me realise how much my eating habits have changed from childhood (my diet consisted of mostly fruits and dairy products), entering my teens (I developed a love for junk food i.e. cakes, fast food) and finally, adulthood (I now have a more balanced diet). It has also made me appreciate the fact that I have always been lucky enough to have freshly cooked evening meals.

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