Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Tamarind Balls & Coconut Tablets

The Caribbean is not only good at producing flavoursome, mouth-watering and delicious food; they also have snacks and sweets that will make your taste buds scream for more.  The many textures and flavours is what make them so gratifying.  

                                      One of my favourite sweets is the Tamarind balls.

It has a sweet and sour taste to it.  The texture at first is rough but becomes smooth once all the sugar has been sucked off of it.  Although it's popular in the Caribbean the Tamarind tree/plant originated in Africa.

Coconut Tablet (sugar cake)
It does not look very attractive but I can assure you it tastes fantastic! If you are a coconut lover like myself and have a sweet tooth you will love it just as much as I do.  Well I hope so.  I first discovered the tablet when I was 4 years old living in Dominica.  My grandmother and I or my aunt and I would go to town and they would by me treats now and again, the tablet being one of my favourite choices.
The tablet is made using:
Grated coconut
Brown sugar
Vanilla extract
Cinnamon powder
Baking powder

Tablet photo: google images


  1. Hey, I like that you've introduced an original food as part of your blog, I hadn't heard of it before and I do like coconut so maybe I'll try it. I wish you had told me a little bit more about how you discovered it though.

    1. Hi Tabasam, Thank you for your comment, i'm glad you enjoyed reading the blog post and would be interested in trying the tablet, it's nice. Unfortunately, I am still unsure myself of its origin but I first discovered it when I was a young child living in Dominica. I shall include it in the post.

  2. Heya, I can relate to this! My mum makes a similar snack, which looks similar to this one, where she gets a sugary block (I'm not quite sure what it is) melts it and covers it all over a range of mixed nuts. Your recipe looks intriguing, I might have to try it out myself!

    1. Hi Manvir, Thanks for your comment, I would love to taste your mums recipe! :)