Wednesday, 26 March 2014

How to cook Broiler Chicken

Broiler Chicken is a meat that is cooked quite often in my household by both my parents and myself.  This particular breed of chicken must be broiled which is meat or fish that is cooked to direct heat.  It can not be baked like normal chicken due to its tougher texture.  

 Below is a picture of the chicken covered with basic seasoning such as the curry powder, cut onions and garlic.  It is entirely up to the cook how big or small they want their onions and garlic to be.
If the cook/chef wanted to season the chicken further they could add the following ingredients including the ones that have already been mentioned above the previous picture.                                                                                                                            
                                                     1. Curry Powder
                                                     2. Onion (half or whole)
                                                     3. Garlic (4/6 cloves)
                                                     4. Thyme
                                                     5. Rosemary
                                                     6. Dark Soy Sauce
                                                     7. Chicken cube
                                                     8. Gourmet sauce (very small amount)

Whilst adding all the ingredients to the chicken it is important to have your Stainless steel pot on the fire with the highest heat and some oil at the base of the pot.  Once the oil begins to bubble the chicken is ready to be put into the pot to stew.

                                 All the ingredients have been added and is ready to be mixed.

The chicken stewing.

The chicken requires stirring every 15-20 minutes to ensure that all areas of the chicken is being cooked. The chicken will take two to three hours to cook in order for it to be cooked thoroughly.

The broiler can be cooked with anything you desire but my dad and I chose to cook it with freshly grown spinach that my father grows in his allotment.  It is very healthy, crunchy and filling.

Fresh spinach washed and cut into small pieces.  To give the spinach some flavour my dad put it into the bowl that was used to season the chicken and added a teaspoon of both soy sauce and brown sauce with garlic and coconut cream before frying it lightly.

The spinach cooking.

This particular meal is healthy, light and enjoyable and allows my family to enjoy a more simplistic meal; one that is not completely consumed by Caribbean ground provisions, ingredients and spices.  We often enjoy other foods like Chinese, Italian, French and many more.

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  1. This looks really interesting and something that I have never tried but definitely will try and cook this myself at home! The post makes it simple to follow and intriguing. Love it!